Friday, April 8, 2011

Overview of the new Bettle front door Assembly 2005 Volkswagen 1998-

1-door removed, and the Moon, remove, and the default install, uninstall, remove and door handles and 4-5-184 D fluid and cover caps lock bolt 20 Nm 3 cylinder 2-insert the installation and uninstall to remove the lock cylinder locks, housing-a door handle 2 to 6-lock plate installation 400 7-Volt 20 Nm 8-remove the lock button and release the lock knob for bar and 9 installation-uninstall-boots 11-door lock lock button 10 removed, and the door lockBowden, removal and installation 12-14-Volt cable 13-Interior release handle 20 Nm + 1/4 turn (90 ° more)

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Mobile antenna base to match the internal capacitive

Do you have mobile antenna for the new car but don't want to drill any holes? Here mount on the right to add to the convenience of a built-in antenna matching is a good solution. I've tinkered with at home, or electronic projects. The two have started to affect the fun: close (after 50 not) and the fact that a small part time intensive and difficult. Focus on physically larger project — is one way around this, such as antennas and related goods. I could easily without drilling holes in my new Volkswagen Beetle, you can attach a simple antenna mount is required.

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