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2014 Audi A4 Enggine Spec

2014 Audi A4 Enggine Spec

2014 Audi A4 the Enggine using TFSI® 2.0 TFSI®. see below for spec

About Warranty
Warranty - 4-Year/50,000 mile Audi New Vehicle Limited Warranty
Maintenance - 12-Month/5,000 mile (whichever occurs first) NO CHARGE first scheduled maintenance


    Type - Electromechanical power steering system
    Ratio - 15.9:1
    Turning diameter (curb-to-curb) (ft) - 37.7


    Material - Fully galvanized steel unibody aluminum hood and multistep anti-corrosion protection

Exterior measurements

    Wheelbase (in) - 110.6
    Length (in) - 185.1
    Height (in) - 56.2
    Overall width with mirrors (in) - 80.3
    Overall width without mirrors (in) - 71.9
    Track front (in) - 61.6
    Track rear (in) - 61.1
    Curb weight (lb) - 3,516
    Drag coefficient (Cw) - .31


    Front - Five-link front suspension
    Rear - Trapezoidal-link rear suspension

EPA estimates | Capacities

    City - 24 mpg{fuel-economy}
    Highway - 32 mpg{fuel-economy}
    Combined - 27 mpg{fuel-economy}
    Engine oil (qt) - 4.9
    Fuel (gal) - 16.1
    Recommended fuel - Premium
    Emissions rating - ULEV II

Transmission | Drivetrain

    Transmission - Audi multitronic® continuously variable transmission with front-wheel drive
    Gear ratios: 1st - 2.436
    Gear ratios: 2nd - 1.626
    Gear ratios: 3rd - 1.231
    Gear ratios: 4th - 0.976
    Gear ratios: 5th - 0.783
    Gear ratios: 6th - 0.628
    Gear ratios: 7th - 0.499
    Gear ratios: 8th - 0.382
    Gear ratios: Reverse - 2.919
    Gear ratios: Final Drive - 4.612


    Front (in) - 12.6 (ventilated disc)
    Rear (in) - 11.8 (solid disc)

Interior measurements

    Head room with sunroof (in, front) - 38.0
    Head room with sunroof (in, rear) - 37.5
    Head room (in, front) - 36.9
    Head room (in, rear) - 37.5
    Leg room (in, front) - 41.3
    Leg room (in, rear) - 35.2
    Shoulder room (in, front) - 55.5
    Shoulder room (in, rear) - 54.3
    Cargo volume (cu ft, cu ft, rear seatbacks up/folded) - 12.4/34.0
    Seating capacity - 5

Electrical System

    Battery - 12 Volts - 80 amp
    Alternator - 14 Volts - 150 amp

Engineering | Performance

    Engine type - Four-cylinder
    Displacement (cc)/Bore and stroke (mm) - 1,984/82.5 x 92.8
    Horsepower (@ rpm) - 220 @ 4,450-6,000
    Torque (lb-ft @ rpm) - 258 @ 1,500-4,300
    Engine block - Cast iron
    Cylinder head - Aluminum alloy
    Valvetrain - 16-valve DOHC with valvelift system
    Induction/Fuel injection - Turbocharged/TFSI®
    Acceleration (0-60 mph) - 6.6 seconds
    Top track speed - 130 mph{top-track-speed}
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2014 Audi A4 Owner Manual

Owners Manual 2014 Audi A4 - Inside the exterior Audi A4 equipped with leather seats capable provide comfort while driving. and the news technology in 2014 audi A4 engine is mounted 220 hp 2.0-liter TFSI is extremely lightweight yet stable at high speeds Another new feature is installed xenon lights. Where the lights are very popular with light levels also with a Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity make the 2014 Audi A4 pamper your multimedia devices.

This page is suitable for those of you who are looking for complete information audi a4. where you will find the owners manual for this car. to get this guide please visit here. do not forget to save the 2014 audi A4 owner manual is to be used as your future reference. if necessary, keep in your glove compartment.
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Owners Manual Audi R8

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most owners have lost owners manual for audi r8 but this will not have to worry because through this blog you will know where to get the owner's manual. soon after getting this manual in order to be saved either to good use in the future.

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