Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible 1998-2008 tooth belt removal and installation

Toothed belt special tools, testers, and support for secondary items require A bridge 10-222 engines (10-222 A Guide/21), 10-222 A 8 torque wrench adapters V.A.G 1331 torque wrench V.A.G 1332 pin wrench T10020 change engine support legs 10-222 A/. 10-222 A Guide/21 engines support A bridge 10-222 engines/transport is required to support a subassembly. A new bore 10 222/8 adapter necessary for protecting A 10 222. Guide/21 Dimension m m. m-222 m diameter 10 hole-A Guide to 12.5/21 arrows-drill.
Just remove the exterior

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VW Golf/Jetta/new beetle AWE exhaust system tuning

AWE tuning exhaust system for the purchase of the VR6 engine in celebration of 1.8 T or VW Golf/Jetta/new beetle->. All the others in this exhaust system that distinguishes the exquisite build quality with industry leading performance. Our system also includes a muffler of internal parts of a complete stainless steel construction-T304. Jack stand or ramp, you can complete the installation of this exhaust. Never work in Jack support vehicles. If you don't feel comfortable with this system, contact your local expert for the installation.

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