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Diesel engine configuration lock & Timing for Citroen and Peugeot

A complete kit of locking and adjustment tools and configuration covering motor timing and timing belt replacement on a wide range of diesel and petrol engines, including the twin cameras and direct injection. The kit includes the exclusive "multi-lock sprocket timing" for use in Renault engines where the retention time of wheel position or inj. pump is achieved through "lock" the teeth of the sprockets. In addition, a full range of locking pins is provided including "hard to reach", as well as a range of belt tensioner adjusting tools needed for the specific belt tension applications called for these engines. Tools needed for the injection timing Renault RAM and "epic" electron pump PSA are also included.

Setting/locking and tightening adjustment tools for engine: Citroen, Peugeot, Renault Diesel and gasoline engines and these motors fitted to Fiat/Iveco, Vauxhall, Rover, Volvo, LDV, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, FSO, Tata. Adjustment of tools injection pump timing for timing system Renault RAM and injection pumps "epic" PSA's fuel. See Chapter 2 for model application.

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Owner's Manual Peugeot 406 SV V6

 I had a feeling a bit restless. What happened is a long story, but it should suffice to say that my wife seemed positively victorious. The new car arrived in November, and unfortunately parted with my 1994 306 S16 and it took my 406 new home ever so carefully. The 406 is a pleasure to behold, distinctly pedigree Peugeot while losing much of squareness the 405 and 605. He has a constant and the position of "broad shoulder" when viewed from the front and back and looks long and sleek. Externally, the SV is only slightly different from ST, with different alloy wheels, fog lights and V6 emblems just above the side indicators. Inside, the SV has a narrow strip along the Walnut door trim under the Windows Control Panel and climate control air conditioning, remote headlamp adjustment and a better sound system.

I opted for the leather interior and electrically adjustable seats was included with two-position memory driver positions. The memory also records the position of the rear view mirrors aside, so my wife and I only need to adjust the internal rear vision mirror and press a button for the other settings. My only criticism of the seats is that the buttons are a bit too small and difficult to access on the side of the driver's seat.

Download Owner's Manual of Peugeot 406 SV V6 here

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Peugeot 306 GTI-6 1997-1998 Service Manual

Service details: Engine Oil: change oil filter: replace automatic transmission: & for drainage (1) automatic transmission, special notes, see above: transfer fluid level check box: check oil level differential (4WD): Check the oil level to over see the underside of the vehicle special notes (2): full scan engine: check for leaks & damaged P.A.S system.

Check hydraulic system leaks: replace filter lights/indicators/controls/indicator lights: Check clutch: pedal height check/adjust the battery: check for leaks/distilled water/level top-up charge/windscreen wash: check the level of fluid/coolant system antifreeze content: selecting for specific gravity/level of brake fluid: check the level of fluid P.A.S.: check the cooling system: selection for specific gravity/level check on the road or rolling unit test.

The checked items in this inspection are shown below. Where inspection has indicated the need for more caution in the interest of security and maintenance of your vehicle's value, we recommend that corrective action is taken as soon as possible.

Download Peugeot 306 GTI-6 1997-1998 Service Manual here
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For Peugeot Disk replacement procedure Rear Brake pad

This document discusses the procedure to replace rear brake pads and discs on Peugeot 406. The instructions are generally applicable to other Peugeot models.
Getting started guide
1. apply the handbrake.
2. place chocks under the wheels and engage first gear.
3. Loosen the rear wheel nuts using a wrench 19 mm wheel with the car on the ground.
4. Jack up the car and support it safely using Jack stands or ramps. Jack-up preference on both sides at the same time, as it becomes easier to balance the action of the hand brake at the end.
5. Remove the road wheel.
Remove the brake caliper
6. the brake caliper must be removed to allow the brake disc be removed. Working under the car Remove the clip securing brake hose in place. This will flush the hose and tubing. Carefully slide the pipe out of the holder.
7. Remove the lower jaw (Socket 16 mm) clamping screw.
8. Remove the plastic cover on the upper PIN.
9. Use a 6 mm Allen wrench to remove the setscrew.
10. the caliper is now loose and can be carefully lifted away from the disc, making sure to route the brake pipe gently to avoid tension. Support for the suspension spring clip using the string or laces.

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Sebo X 4 extra upright vacuum cleaner user's Manual

Stationary use warning. When the machine has its handle in upright position-locked, it is designed to pull back the brush roller from the floor by raising the height of the power header. "Check BRUSH" light blinks slowly to alert the user if the power head when its highest brush height, but is still engaged in the carpet. This can occur at extremely high-nap carpet, such as loose pile, shag, or on blankets with exceedingly thick padding underneath. However, it is typically caused by the user pulls up on the machine at the same time by using the attachment hose or Active magic wand. This feature was designed to be a reminder to the user to "take care" while the machine is stationary. An operating machine should not be left stationary on the floor of the inappropriate periods.

Change the filter Micro The micro filter (30) needs change when it becomes very dirty or clogged with dust, or when about 20 dust bags have been used. If you want to change the filter microenterprises, pull the cover release Pat (# 5 on page 5) forward and lift cover from dust bag housing. Then slide the filter out the bottom. If you want to replace, lift the safety lever (31), and slide the new filter into using numbers as guides.

Connect an attachment device, if desired, to the end of the flexible hose. You can also release the hose, while attachment tube disconnected from the machine by pressing the release button at the base of the handle (11). The tubing should never be used with the brush still in contact with the floor.

Download the Sebo X 4 extra upright vacuum cleaner user's Manual

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Sebo Floor Turbo brush user's Guide

Sebo Floor Turbo brush The user has full responsibility for the use of SEBO TT-C brush. The manufacturer will not be liable for the damage incurred as a result of incorrect handling or use of this product. Turbo brush can adhere itself to the blankets with long and/or thick pile, then brushing against it in the pressure increases and the scroll speed will decrease. If this happens, open the suction outlet on top of the turbo brush by moving the slider to the "textile" position. Move the slider to the "short stack" position, which closes the suction outlet for the best performance in normal use.

Cleaning brush roller If threads or hair are clogged in the brush roller, you should simply cut them with a pair of scissors. To make this task easier, the brush roller two lengthwise slots.

Operation Connect the vacuum in a wall outlet, adjust the slider to the MAX power position and turn it on. The air flow of the vacuum will turn the roller brush turbo through a turbine. Push turbo brush slowly along the carpet.

New SEBO TT-C turbo brush is designed to meet the specific needs of your carpet. Bristles are arranged in a spiral pattern on the rotating brush roller to remove dirt, pet hair, lint and threads quickly and seamlessly. Turbo brush is great for low-and medium pile carpets (cut and loop pile carpets).

Download Sebo Floor Turbo brush user's Manual

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Sebo X 1.1 upright vacuum cleaner user's Manual

Sebo X 1.1 upright vacuum cleaner  Brush roller obstruction – Auto Shut-off. If the brush roller is blocked, will turn off the machine and the Red "check BRUSH" light on top of the head of power will blink. The user should turn off switch, Unplug the machine and immediately remove the obstruction. If the user reboots the machine without removing the obstruction, the machine will switch off and "Check BRUSH" light will blink.

Position the power header (9) on the floor with rotating neck (20) and (21) support the handle upright. Hold the dust bag housing (6) vertical, and place it over the neck and rotating support handle. Push firmly and evenly down the House release the button (8) Snaps outward to its "locked" position.

Start the machine Before powering up your vacuum cleaner, make sure that the vacuum handle is in its locked upright position and that you have a firm hold on the grip handle to keep the machine from moving forward. Turn off the quick release cable hook (15) for the post up by moving it to the left or right and release the cable.Slip the cable upper cord hook (26).Connect and press the switch (2) to the '' in '' position.

Change the dust bag Pull cover release the flap forward (# 5 on page 5) and buoyancy bag cover (7) from the dust to change dust bag, housing. Cover release flaps must remain in forward "drawn-out" able to change dust bag and lock them in place.

Terminal clamps on both sides of the dust bag sealing plate, slide the plate (28) of the holder (29) and push the cap seal in posen. Slide the seal plate (28) of a new bag for the holder and push it down. Reinsert the cover in dust bag housing, push it forward and then lock it into place by pushing down cover release flap. You may find it convenient to save Cap bag inside the vacuum bag housing below the dust bag.

Download the Sebo X 1.1 upright vacuum cleaner user's Manual

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Sebo Electric Power brush a-H user's Manual

Sebo Electric Power brush a-H  On top of the power brush is a red/green indicator light. LF the green light is on and rotating the neck is upright and then brush power is ready for operation. By lowering the rotary brush neck is enabled. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is set to maximum effect. Green and red lights on together, set up security due to either overload or blocking.

Brush adjustment On top of the power brush is a rotary control to adjust brush action. Brush action can be set from SOFT through to hard disk as appropriate.

Service – (unplug the vacuum cleaner outlet fire mains) brush, cleaned regularly fibers and hairs. After a blocking or when brush dragged into something, clear brush and take all the debris out of the brush area. Check the rotating neck regularly for blockages Turn the brush roller clockwise and edge-cleaning brush Fredrik when you remove them from the appliance. Fit the new brushes onto the drive shaft by turning them until they click into place. Also to prepare the end turn caps them until it snaps into place. Make sure not to press the bristles brushes under the captions.

Attention – security regulations for the application:
the machine has a rotary brushalways make sure that the brush does not drag the carpet edges, edge, cables, etc.Berber, woven and other difficult floor coverings or floors with sensitive surfaces Please clean with the nozzle combination of your vacuum cleaneron uneven floors contact with the lower plate is possible. Use combination nozzle, if damage can occurlift the machine over obstacles

Download Sebo Electric Power brush a-H user's Manual

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Sanyo SC-180 vacuum cleaner user guide

Hook the power cord of the clip that is located on the upper cord storage hook as shown. Wind the power cord around cord storage hooks. If there is a problem with the vacuum cleaner, make the following checks to determine the cause. If the problem still persists after the checks have been made, do not use a vacuum cleaner to prevent the possibility of an accident occurs.

Turn the switch ON/OFF the "" place, remove the power cord from the wall, and contact on the purchase or your nearest Sanyo self-servicing dealer, or call (toll-free) contact-800-421-5013 (United States only). Do not use organic solvents, including thinner or other strong cleaning fluids such as alkaline detergents. The use of such substances may cause discoloration or deterioration of materials, resulting in distortion or cracking.

Obtain new paper bags

You can download new paper bags form the nearest Sanyo dealer. Be sure to specify only genuine Sanyo vacuum cleaner bags. If the bags from any other manufacturer is used, it can have negative effects on the vacuum cleaner performance.Press the tabs down to remove the dusting brush from the tool upholstery. Insert the front part of the dusting brush in the Groove located inside the front of the tool the upholstery.

Pull up on the tabs to reattach dusting brush for upholstery tool. After use, provide for extension pipe for storage as shown in the illustration

Download the Sanyo SC-180 vacuum cleaner owner's Manual

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